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Portfolio Management

Following the successful management of public funds, VFM continues to offer new service which is Discretionary Portfolio Management. This is a unique financial service which was deployed in 2008 to serve the particular investment requirements of each client.

With our extensive experience in fund management in Vietnam market, Discretionary Portfolio Management will make investment of particular requirements on behalf of the clients. VFM is trusted to invest and manage clients’ assets then it helps them having more time to focus on their core businesses. Before participating in this service, subject to client’s risk tolerance, our dynamic professional team managers will consult and offer detailed plans on investment requirements which will focus on profit maximizing or sustainable and stable income.

The discretionary portfolios management is specifically designed solution for organizations and high net worth individuals from both domestic and international markets.

Discreationary portfolio management

Securities portfolio management (Equity and Fixed Income): VFM will build and manage a mixed portfolio of stock and bond. Assets allocation to stocks and bonds will vary depended on client risk adverse and investment objectives. Investment portfolio formed by this service will meet client investment needs from maximization of return to a stable cash flow portfolio for pension income purpose.

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Non-discretionary portfolio management

In according to client’s requirement, VFM provides non-discretionary portfolio management service (including portfolio design, execution, management, liquidation) following client’s directions. In service, client can take part in investment decision making process and execution.

VFM can work on behalf of client to carry out the IPO bidding, trading on stock exchanges, attending private placement…

This service allows client to achieve a specific target while utilizing VFM expertise and experience on valuation, pricing and negotiation.

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Benefits of Services

Portfolio Management Services offered by VFM is especially designed for investors that are organizations or individuals holding large capital in order to maximize profit and minimize risks on trusted assets.

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How to invest

Designing and managing your portfolio is a continuous process which includes these steps

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