Dragon Capital Vietfund Management (DCVFM) | Fund Factsheet

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  • Investment fund

    A professionally managed collection of shares or other assets that investors can buy into by purchasing units that represent a proportion of the fund.

  • Public fund

    Investment fund offers fund certificates in public.

  • Member fund

    Investment fund which has the number of members with capital contribution not over 30 and they are institutors only.

  • Closed-end Securities Investment Fund

    (hereinafter referred to as “Closed-end Fund”) means a public fund whose fund certificates, upon having been offered for sale to the public, shall not be redeemed as requested by investors.

  • Prospectus

    Defined as documents or electronic data to disclose accurate, true, objective information relating to the offer for sale or listing of VF4 fund certificates.

  • Fund's Charter

    Defined as the charter, adopted by the investors at the General Meeting of Investors, to be prepared in accordance with the relevant regulations of the Vietnamese laws, for governing the organization and operation of VF4 Investment Fund.

  • Custodian Contract

    Defined as the contract entered into by and between the Fund Management Company and the custodian bank, subject to the approval of the General Meeting of Investors of Investment Fund.

  • Investor

    Defined as a domestic or foreign holder, whether individual or organization, of fund certificates.

  • Fund's Charter Capital

    Defined as the total capital in cash, as recorded in this Charter, contributed by all Investors.

  • Fund unit

    Defined as the Charter Capital which is divided into equal units with par value of VND10,000 per unit at its initial issue, each of which shall represent an equal proportion of profit and capital of the Fund.

  • Fund certificate

    (hereinafter referred to as the “fund certificate”) means the securities issued by Fund Management company on behalf of Investment Fund, which certify lawful rights and benefits of investors with regard to the assets or capital of the Fund as counted in a proportion equal to the Fund’s unit contributed to the charter capital of Investment Fund by such Investors.

  • Placing Price

    Defined as the price of each fund unit at its initial issue equal to a par value plus placing fee.

  • Placing Fee

    Defined as the fee payable by the Fund to the Fund Management Company for the costs and expenses incurred by it during the issue of fund certificates to the public. Such fee shall be added to the par value of a fund unit and payable upon issue, but not exceed the maximum of 3% of a par value.

  • Management Fee

    Defined as the fee payable to the Fund Management Company for its provision of fund management service as defined in the Prospectus.

  • Incentive Fee

    Defined as the amount paid to the Fund Management Company by Investment Fund, in addition to the fund management fee

  • Fund Dividend

    Defined as the Fund’s outstanding profits that are decided distribute, upon any valid costs and expenses having been deducted, by the General Meeting of Investors, in accordance with the Investors’ proportional ownership.

  • Closing Day

    Defined as the day on which the capital mobilization for investment fund completes in accordance with the applicable laws.

  • Fiscal Year

    Defined as a period of twelve months which commences on the beginning of the 1st of January and ends on the end of the 31st of December according to calendar year. The first fiscal year of Investment Fund is calculated from the day on which it is officially issued a license by the SSC until the end of the 31st of December of the same year.

  • Valuation Date

    Defined as the last business day on which fund’s NAV on each Unit is calculated by VFM.

  • Underwriting

    Underwriting means an underwriter undertakes to an issuing organization to complete procedures prior to the offer for sale of securities, receives some or all of the securities of the issuing organization for re-sale, or purchases the amount of the remaining undistributed securities of the issuing organization or assists the issuing organization to distribute securities to the public.

  • Deposit securities

    As the deposit, storage, transfer securities to investors, support them help customers implement the rights related to own their securities

  • HCMC Stock Exchange

    (hereinafter referred to as “HOSE”) means a state-owned corporate entity organized as a one-member limited liability company, operating under the Law on Securities, the Law on Enterprise, its Charter, and related statutory regulations.

  • Hanoi Securities Trading Center

    (hereinafter referred to as “HaSTC”) means an income-recipient administrative entity, funded by the State Budget, having its own head office, seal, and account.

  • Board of the Fund Representatives

    Defined as representatives of investors elected by the General Meeting of Investors to act on their behalf to supervise the operations of the Fund and the Custodian Bank.

  • Custodian Bank

    Bank granted with Depository Registration Certificate by the SSC to undertake the preservation and depository of securities, economic contracts, documents relating to the Fund’s assets, in addition to its custodian of the Fund’s activities. The Custodian Bank shall be designated by the General Meeting of Investors.

  • Auditing Company

    is an independent company, appointed by the General Meeting of Investors, Investment Fund performing the auditing of the Fund’s annual assets.

  • Distribution agent

    Defined as a capable entity operating in the fields of securities, finance, and banking, to be designated by the fund management company to distribute non-exclusive fund certificates subject to the Contract for distribution of fund certificates.

  • General Meeting of Investors

    Defined as a regular or irregular general meeting of investors where investors are entitled to vote, to pass important matters relating to Investment Fund. It is the supreme power of Investment Fund.

  • Related Person

    shall be construed as a related person as specified in Clause 34, Article 6 of the Law on Securities passed by the National Assembly of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam on 29th June 2006.

  • Underwriter

    Underwriter means a securities company authorized to underwrite an issue of securities, and a commercial bank to which the State Securities Commission provides written approval to underwrite an issue of shares on conditions regulated by the Ministry of Finance

  • Fund's Net Asset Value

    (hereinafter referred to as “NAV”) means total value of assets and investments owned by Fund, less its liabilities at the date of valuation.