Dragon Capital Vietfund Management (DCVFM) | Fund Factsheet

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Securities portfolio management (Equity and Fixed Income): VFM will build and manage a mixed portfolio of stock and bond. Assets allocation to stocks and bonds will vary depended on client risk adverse and investment objectives. Investment portfolio formed by this service will meet client investment needs from maximization of return to a stable cash flow portfolio for pension income purpose.

Depending on risk tolerance of clients, they will be consulted to different investment objectives. Belows are some typical portfolio we applying. However, it depends on investor’s specific requirement. Its portfolio can be adjusted to fit investment objectives efficiently.


Typical Investment Portfolio:



Assets in Portfolio will include:

  • Listed or un-listed shares of equitized enterprises or private companies.
  • Bonds: government bonds, corporate bonds.
  • Money instruments include deposits, promissory notes and other capital mobilization instruments issued by banks.
  • Real estate and other types of direct investment.

The investment portfolio will be formed from these assets at different ratios to fit with client’s investment goals and objectives. Different combination of assets will induce different risk levels, so client’s risk appetite can be satisfied. The minimum investment term should be 1 – 5 years, depending on the selected portfolio.

Bond dedicated portfolio management

In this service, client’s assets will be invested in government and corporate bonds. Subject to client’s investment objective, different investment strategies (buy and hold or actively trading) will be employed. Besides, VFM can handle asset liability management in according to client’s requirement.

This service is provided in conjunction with Dragon Capital. The cooperation allows VFM to utilize expertise and technical platform of Dragon Capital, which have been used to manage fixed income investment funds (VDeF A and VDeF B) since 2007. Information on the above funds can be found at  www.dragoncapital.com.

Private equity dedicated portfolio management

Together with development of private sector in Vietnam, a wave of investment to private equity has been observed in Vietnam since 2006 and it is considered as an attractive investment channel. In this service, VFM provides client a window to invest to private equity under the name of VFM.

This service is provided in conjunction with Dragon Capital. The cooperation allows VFM to utilize expertise and experience of Dragon Capital private equity team. The team has been set up since 2009 under management of a Dragon Capital partner and it is raising a Vietnam country private equity dedicated fund.