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Launching of the new corporate identity of VFM




Ho Chi Minh City – 28/03/2016, VietFund Management (VFM) – the first domestic investment fund management company in Vietnam officially introduced its new corporate identity after 12 years of operation which marked an important milestones on the development journey of the company from 2016:  to become a friendlier fund management brand to all investors and promote the open end funds product as alternative choices beside traditional investment channels.

On his speech about the launching, Mr Tran Thanh Tan, Vice Chairman cum C.E.O of VFM stated: “The year of 2016 is more optimistic for securities market and fund management industry. Thanks to FTAs and may be the upcoming TPP, Vietnam is the focal point for FDI, which has been demonstrated through the registered FDI within the first two months of 2016. Besides, the securities market is also supported by macro factors such as exchange rate stability, low credit interest rate, low inflation ratio, the plan for IPO of state owned enterprises and the possibility to join emerging market list of MSCI.

In terms of the market, the administrative bodies have also been conducted solutions to boost VN Index such as reducing the payment cycle to T+2, applying day trading and derivatives. Especially, once the new adjusted Circular 183/2011 from MOF about establishment of investment fund comes into effect, the fund industry will have more ground to develop. With those preconditions, VFM must change to take advantage of the opportunities from 2016

[New direction for business strategy]:

VFM will redirect its business operation with more focus into the domestic market. The company will go mass to cover all type of customers which are both individual and institutional who are seeking for more effective investment channels beside the traditional ones.

The go to market strategy of VFM contains 3T: Tell ( Build awareness) – Train (Educate the market) – Trade (Standardize transaction). VFM will invest more resources and efforts in marketing, branding to promote the company brand and product awareness towards potential customers. The launching of the new logo which looks both professional and friendly is a part of the game.

Besides, VFM will expand the distributor network to securities firms, banks and insurance companies to create better touch points for potential investors. In terms of human capital, VFM also consolidates its HR strategy, applies new KPI standard to respond better to the new requirement of business

[Fund Performance]:

The year of 2015 is a successful year of funds under VFM. NAV of VF1 (Vietnam Securities Investment Fund), VF4(Vietnam Blue-chips investment fund) increased 13.6% and 19.9% accordingly compared to the humble 6.1% growth of VN Index and 3.6% of HNX Index. About the bond fund, VFB (Vietnam Bond Investment Fund) achieve 6.3% growth which is also 0.7% higher than the Total Return Composite Bond Index by Hanoi Stock Exchange.

ETF VFMVN30, the first domestic ETF of VFM also has a good year when tracking error of fund certificate price volatility compared to the benchmark index (VN30) is under 1%, which is much better than foreign ETFs that have the same investment method.

With a profound insight in Vietnam market and experienced management team, VFM aims to become the leading investment fund management company in Vietnam. The company will provide diversified product suites which are professionally managed. The mission of VFM is to build Trust to investors through Professionalism, Efficiency and Transparency so that every single amount of investment is value for money.





The new logo is a combination of two symbols:

  • The Red duplicating coins which is originated from the concept of traditional coin and a drop of water. The coin represents finance, money which is easy to understand and remember. The water represent the liquidity of investment and movement of capital to the best investment opportunities.
  • The Black VFM typography is designed and inherited from the old logo in classic font type to represent the Legacy of VFM during 12 years, the stability and endurance of the company regardless of time.

The color combination between Red and Black represents the total change and a commitment to follow the new direction . Red means leader, victory and conveys a strong message. Black means stability and professionalism.

We expect that the new logo will be easier to perceived and remembered by potential investors.



VietFund Management (VFM) is the first domestic investment fund management company to be established in Vietnam in 2003 which is also a member of Dragon Capital Group. With a long history of operation, VFM has become the leading fund management company with leading asset under management. VFM also provides the most diversified product suites on the market, from equity funds, bond funds to ETF and portfolio management service to meet the demand of investors. VFM’s open end funds VF1, VF4, VFB are always in top fund performance positions and ETF VFMVN30 is leading performance among domestic ETFs.

Awarded of VFM:


  • Best Fund Management Company Vietnam 2014,selected by Global Banking and Finance Review.
  • Best Fund Manager 2014, selected by International Finance and Asia Asset Management.
  • Best Fund House 2014, selected by Asia Asset Management.


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