Dragon Capital Vietfund Management (DCVFM) | Fund Factsheet

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VFMVF4 – 02/2016


In February, Food & Beverage, Capital Goods and Transportation are the top 3 sectors contributing the most to the fund’s profits. The 3 sectors are also in top 5 holding sectors of the Fund. VNM and BMP, the largest holding in Food and Beverage and Capital Goods sector, continue to maintain their sustainable pricing growth thanks so very good core business and expectation on room opening for foreign investors in the coming time. Transportation sector is highlighted by SKG with return of 20% in February, stepping in to the list of stocks of more-than-VND100.000. Impressive price performance of SKG was derived from expected high growth in 2 years amid increasing demand of travelling by speedboat to Phu Quoc island with average annual growth of recent 5-year more than 30%. The growth of SKG will be tied up with Phu Quoc island in future, from tourism to infrastructure.

During February, VF4 started to invest again in oil & gas stocks, including GAS when there are signals that oil price has bottomed up, recording a gain of approximately 9%. Cash weighting therefore reduces from 18.5% to 15.1% NAV.