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General Information

Fund name Vietnam Active Fund
Fund code VFMVFA
Fund Type Quant fund
Currency VND
Inception date 2010-04-02
Conversion date 2013-04-18
Fund Manager Dragon Capital Vietfund Management (DCVFM)
Custodian Bank Standard Chartered Bank (Vietnam)
Transfer Agency VSD
Distributors VFM, HSC, VCSC, KIS, VDSC, FPTS
Management fee Up to 2%/NAV/year
Subscription fee From 0.25% to 0.75% based on total subscribed amount (million VND)
Redemption fee 0,5% - 1,5%
Switching fee 0%
Trading cycle Everyday (T day)
Cut-off time 14h30 on T-1 day
Dividend Annually (upon AGM approval)
Total NAV (VND bn) 4.3
Number of outstanding shares (mn) 0.6
12-month Expense Ratio (%) 6.2
12-month Turn-over Ratio (%) 208.3

investment objectives

The main objective of VFMVFA would be to capture medium to long-term capital appreciation on Vietnam market, accompanied by capital preservation during adverse market conditions, based on the main strategy of trend-following which is one of Quantitative Investment Models.

fund performance

As of: 

In December 2015, the Vietnam’s stock market advanced slightly while the VN-Index surged 1.0% to close at 579.0 points as compared with the last month. In the meantime, the VN30- Index included thirty stocks with largest market capitalization and highest liquidity increased 2.3% which was more than VN-Index’s growth. The Consumer Durables & Apparel and Household & Personal Products sectors were the largest increases equivalent to 8.8% and 8.4%, respectively. However, the Food Beverage & Tobacco and Banks sectors were the largest contributors in VN-Index about 0.9% and 0.8%, respectively. As of December 31, 2015 VFMVFA’s NAV/unit was VND 7,175.5, a decrease of 1.6% compared to the last month. In December 2015, because VFMVFA’s investors redeemed about VND 30 billion in shares, VFMVFA divested partially its portfolio to satisfy the redemption orders and focused on using the Stock-based MATF strategy. Therefore, the allocation by asset class changed significantly when stock proportion accounted for 97.5% NAV and risk-free assets accounted for 2.5% NAV.

Performance Chart

Rate of Return

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NAV/đvq & Index 1 month 3 months YTD 12 months Since Inception 

asset allocation by class (% nav)

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asset allocation by strategy (% nav)

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Portfolio Statistics

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Risk ratios VFMVFA VN-Index


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