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To: Investors of VFMVN30 ETF (E1VFVN30)

Pursuant to Charter of Organization and Operation of VFMVN30 ETF (E1VFVN30), VFMVN30 ETF (E1VFVN30) is pleased to announce to investors the organization of the Annual General Meeting of Financial Year 2020 in the form of written consent.

DCVFM here by encloses the Voting note for investors to approve for voting issues of the 2020 AGM of VFMVN30 ETF (E1VFVN30).

Documents and voting note of 2020 AGM can be found in section Investor Relations – Fund Calendar on DCVFM’s website at www.dcvfm.com.vn.

The resolution of the 2020 AGM is published after consolidating voting result.

Time for voting: From 22 March 2021 to 17:30pm, 05 April 2021.

Eligible voting note: is the voting note received by DCVFM before 17:30pm, 05 April 2021 and met the criteria stated in the voting note.

Fund Documents:

E1VFVN30_AGM 2020_Fund documents_Final

E1VFVN30_AGM 2020_Draft Fund charter

E1VFVN30_AGM 2020_Voting note_Final

E1VFVN30_AGM 2020_Investor Invitation_Final

E1VFVN30_AGM 2020_Meeting agenda_Final

Any further inquiries regarding to the meeting agenda or other questions, please contact DCVFM directly, email or fax, or send request to DCVFM before 31 March 2021:

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