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Fund Factsheet VFMVN30 ETF


General Information

Fund name DCVFMVN30 ETF
Fund code E1VFVN30
Bloomberg Ticker E1VFVN30 VN Equity
Listing Bourse HOSE
Fund Type ETF fund
Benchmark Index VN30 Total Return Index
Currency VND
Fund Manager Dragon Capital Vietfund Management (DCVFM)
Custodian Bank Standard Chartered Bank VN
Transfer Agency Vietnam Securities Depository (VSD)
Index Provider Ho Chi Minh Stock Exchange (HOSE)
Authorized Participants (AP) HSC, VDSC, BVSC, TVSI, ACBS, VCSC, VND, KIS, BSC, SSI, MAS
Market Maker HSC
A Creation Unit Equal to 100,000 ETF fund certificates
Exchange Trading Time Daily
Management fee 0.65%/NAV/annually
Subscription fee 0%
Redemption fee 0%-0,15%
Dividend Reinvested (upon AGM approval)
Total NAV (VND bn) 6,628.0
Number of outstanding shares (mn) 380.3
12-month Expense Ratio (%) 0.8
12-month Turn-over Ratio (%) 86.9


The objective of VFMVN30 ETF is to replicate the performance of VN30 Index as closest as possible after subtracting Fund’s expenses. VN30 Index is the price index established and managed by HCMC Securities Exchange (HOSE).



VN30 TRI Index, a capitalization-weighted index, comprising 30 stocks selected from the list of stocks that account for 90% transaction value of VNAllShare index.  This Index is formed by HOSE, restructured twice per year (Jan and July) via a 5 steps procedure of HOSE:

        Step 1: Condition for listing

        Step 2: Free-float assessment

        Step 3: Transaction value assessment

        Step 4: Select the top stocks that account for 90% transaction value

       Step 5: Top-down ranking of daily average transaction value within 12 month period


  • USD 44,2 bn of market cap, accounting for 76,6% total capitalization of  HOSE.
  • 10/30 of stocks having market cap as of USD 1 Bn.
  • Market cap ranging from USD 137,8 mn  – USD 8,5 bn
  • Daily transaction value reaching USD 45,1 mn, approximately 50,6% daily transaction value of HOSE.
  • 17/30 stocks having daily transaction value as of USD 1 mn.


Performance Chart

Rate of Return

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NAV/đvq & Index 1 month 3 months YTD 12 months Since Inception 

Top 10 holdings

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Stock Amount Value % NAV Foreign investors' ownership ratio


Asset Allocation by Sector (% NAV)

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Portfolio Statistics

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Fundamental ratios E1VFVN30 VN-Index
Risk ratios E1VFVN30 VN-Index



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